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Default X-Payments transfer to other server with upgraded store

I have searched all over, but I haven't found any related info concerning transferring an x-payments installation to a different server, with an upgraded x-cart store.

I am going to upgrade a 4.4.5 store to 4.6.4 and it already uses X-Payments. The upgraded store will be located in a new server. The current x-payments is hosted in the xcart root directory. I have the following questions:
  • Will I need to re-install and re-configure x-payments in the new server, or I just copy the files and database and just change any related settings, concerning the new server?
  • Does the fact that x-payments will be deployed in the 4.6.4 upgraded store make any difference in the required steps?
  • In X-Payments Connector admin page, there is a 'API 1.1 version is supported' line. Does this mean that the installed x-payments version is 1.1 and if not, how do I check the version of x-payments?
  • Quote:
    Those who installed and started using X-Payments v1.0 can just continue doing so for any time ahead as it is acceptable for existing deployments. New deployments of X-Payments v1.0 are not allowed after October 28, 2013 due to the PCI Council regulations for PA-DSS certified applications, and we have already stopped selling this version.
    So, I guess it is not required to upgrade the current x-payments, if I don't need to use the new x-payments features related with saving customers' cc data, or for recurring billing. Is this correct?
    On the other hand, I read the following excerpt in this thread:
    So for everyone upgrading to 4.6.4 and using X-Payments - you are forced to upgrade X-Payments to its latest version 2.1.1 otherwise the new Connector will just not work properly.
    Does this hold only if you want to use the new features referred above? (
    saving customers' cc data, or for recurring billing)
I appreciate any tips.
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