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Default Re: X-Cart 5.4.0 Public Beta is out

A second related question... What was the thought process behind XC 5.4.*.* only appearing to want to run on MySQL and not MariaDB?

We can use MariaDB or MySQL, but our satisfaction level with MariaDB is way ahead of that with MySQL and we'd prefer to stay with it, which has never been an issue previously with XC 5.*.*.* prior to the current XC 5.4.*.* beta release.

It's made very clear at the download stage that XC5.4.*.* requires MySQL 5.7.7 or higher. That would usually be fine, as we're currently using MariaDB 10.2.* which is compatible with MySQL 5.7.* (see HERE for reference or in short: "...MySQL 5.7 is compatible with MariaDB 10.2...)

Whilst everybody knows that "compatible with" is NOT the same as "identical to" we still assumed that the XC 5.4.*.* beta release would install without any issues in our case, as a result of the XC5 historic suitability to both databases.

Unfortunately for us, it doesn't appear that's the case. The XC5 install process identifies the error as follows: "...MySQL version must be at least 5.7.7 (current version is 5.5.5-10.2.23 MariaDB...) This is an incorrect explanation (see the linked page above again for reference) as MySQL 5.5 was compatible with the much earlier Maria DB 10.0 release.... Hmmmmm

We could use MariaDB 10.3.* if we wanted*** but there's no point in changing anything at all, until XC provide an answer to the question... i.e. will XC 5.4.*.* only run on MySQL? If not, which release of MariaDB has it been tested on and will it run on?

We can alter PHP versions very easily by domain and we're very keen to use PHP7.3 with XC5.4.*.* but it's far, far, more difficult to run MariaDB on one domain and then MySQL on another domain, when both domains are hosted on the same server. Hence the questions in advance! Thanks

Edit *** We now do use MariaDB 10.3.*
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