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Default Re: Possible bug in X-Payments integration with CIM


Your CIM integration in X-Payments is done incorrectly.
tech support at identified the problem.

If a CIM profile for the customer exists, then the CVV result code will always come back as "not applicable." believes that X-Payment is creating the CIM profile first, then drawing a transaction against that profile.
which is confirmed by your statement in previous post : " even for "first" payment it saves a card and then use its token to pay."
This will not allow merchant to check CVV causing lots of fraud charges

X-Payments has to submit transaction first, then create the CIM profile.
for $1500 you want for x-payments, would be nice to have integration done properly at least with the largest and most popular payment gateway

Can we expect this to be fixed in the near future?
Best regards,

Anton Pachkine
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