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Default Re: Error code 10413

Originally Posted by bullfrog
This problem came up after I switched to PayPal Pro in October. I have one store using gift certificates. It is X-Cart 4.5.0 charging thru X-Payments 1.0.5.

If the gift certificate pays the total bill, no problem (does not go to PayPal).

If a customer pays part by gift certificate and part by credit cart, an error message comes up: Reason: Field format error: 10413-The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts.

The error seems similar to the problem above involving gift wrap, but my version of
xpc_func.php is not the same.

Attachment 3601 Attachment 3602

I did not see anything about this in the bug tracker. Any ideas? Gift wrap is not used.

The issue you are having is caused by the gift certificate applied and it happened due to a bug in the X-Payment Connector from your X-Cart version.
Please contact our technical support team to resolve this issue.
Sincerely yours,
Vladimir Petrov
Senior X-Payments Developer
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