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Default Re: Moving xcart 4.7.12 to xcart 5.x

@voodoo1967 We moved from XC4 to XC5 as an early adopter, way back in 2015. It's had its good moments, sure, but it has now lost all sense of direction / memory of the value of existing customers / any commercial common sense plus, the ability to communicate in a non-robotic way. You'll find (if you, yourself investigate further) that X-Cart are steering / slowly forcing everybody towards using X-Cart Cloud (sic) with pricing / support and availability for all options being slowly reduced / removed altogether << This is a Seller Labs responsibility.

X-Cart Hosting? It's been overpriced for years, but if you search this forum for details of recent "failures" including being the target of ransomeware... Then make your own decision

ECWID where Ruslan Fazlyev, the instigator of the original X-Cart is still the CEO, may be worth a re-visit, for a more detailed, comparative look as an alternative choice for you.
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