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Default Re: How about MagneticOne?

My advice? Stay far, far away from this mod. It does not work out of the box. Support is terrible. After about three weeks they were able to get it to the point where it actually exported a file. The file does not work, however. Here are the remaining issues:

A.) Google Base Issues:
1.) The categories are not being exported correctly:
Here are examples of category/taxonomy errors copied and pasted directly from the errors in the Google Merchant Center:

1104110 Home & GardenHousehold Appliances 231
1106110 Home & GardenHousehold Appliances 279
1108110 Home & GardenHousehold Appliances 303
HPLX-SLF Home & GardenDecor > Picture Frames
1104210 Home & GardenHousehold Appliances

a.) There are to be no spaces surrounding the '>' character.
b.) It is not generating the '>' character for product for four of the items above.

2.) There is no Brand field being exported. This is required in google's feed. Where is it?

3.) Is there a way to update the Taxonomy structure when google updates theirs? This should be in a mysql table but I don't see any way to update this. How is this done?

4.) When I use the link suggested for a large number of products, here is what I get for finished output:
<title>404 - Not Found</title>
<style type="text/css">
td { font-family: Arial; font-size: 10pt; }

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

<table width=100% height=100%>
<tr><td align=center valign=middle>
<p><font size="3"><b>File Not Found ...</b></font></p>
<p>The requested file cannot be found on the server.</p>
<p><a href="/">Click here to visit our main page</a>.</p>



Other problems:
B.) Where do you configure the module? When I run the "" feed I get the following error:
X-Cart Export All module by MagneticOne export module is disabled.
Please enable module in admin section.

Current domain:
So, feed does not work at all.
x-cart Pro 4.4.5
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