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Default Re: Detailed Product Images Module - Changing Unsharp Mask Filter Parameters

Originally Posted by am2003
Maybe some of you are not happy with these values because the resized images look bad. No problem you can change the parameters in line 28: function UnsharpMask($img, $amount = 120, $radius = 0.4, $threshold = 1). I am one who did not like this approach, editing a php file. I requested many times after v4.2 was released, to set up the parameters in Admin. Having no solutions, I did it myself and I would like to share with you this. It is an elegant way, and hope QT to insert it by default in the next XC versions.

Thank you for the post, much appreciated! I find it very useful and I hope all X-Carters do as well.

We contemplated the idea of adding these parameters to the settings, but then came to a conclusion that they might be confusing and not as informative for the average X-Cart user who is not as experienced in design as you.

However, we are planning to add an article to our online help portal at which describes how to adjust sharpness for the thumbnails
Alexander Dyachkov,
Director of Customer Success
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