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Default Re: Rounded Corners - CSS and JS Methods

Originally Posted by PhilJ
Thought I'd post the two best rounded corners methods I've found.

Roll on CSS3 on all browsers, but in the mean time these will have to do.

Hope you can make good use of these in your X-Cart and other projects

Examples given for v4.3.x

CSS Method:

- Very lightweight and fast rendering
- Easy to customise via CSS
- Jagged corners
- Only one possible corner radius
- Only 1 pixel borders
- More HTML markup

JS Method:

- Easy to customise via CSS
- Anti-aliased corners
- Easily change corner radius
- Ability to round different corners
- Different width borders
- Can use shadows
- Less HTML markup
- Much slower rendering in IE


1000th post

Hi PhilJ,
Codes works perfect on home page,product details but does not work on cart and fast lane checkout page.

How to solve this??

Waiting for reply.
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