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Default Re: X-Cart v4.7.9: Skrill and PayPal updates, Store Notifications, SEO, Bug Fixes

*DESIGN AND APPEARANCE*[*] 13 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148516): The 'Next/Previous product' links are not displayed in the printable mode now.

*BACKOFFICE*[*] 25 Dec 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148562): Added the ability to check the From email address to avoid spam issues.
[*] 16 Nov 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148538 ): It is now possible to use a relative path in the URL field in the 'Image selection' dialog.
[*] 16 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:38; S:00145713): Browser title improvement for Admin area.
[*] 02 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148498 ): Added a new note regarding the use of older PHP versions onto the Admin dashboard.
[*] 02 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148508 ): Added a Special offers link on the provider home page.
[*] 19 Jun 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148432, B:0048043): [CleanURLs] National symbols are supported now when a CleanURL is autogenerated for a new product/category/manufacturer.
[*] 08 Jun 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148420): Added a note that books_and_magazines/2-columns/ideal_comfort/ideal_responsive/light_responsive do not support the 'Right column' location.
[!] 19 Dec 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148559): Static HTML catalog was not generated for https stores. Fixed.
[!] 30 Oct 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148533, B:0048688 ): SQL errors in the 'Optimize tables' feature in some cases. Fixed. Thanks to Isden.
[!] 15 Aug 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148473, B:0048353): Adding a tracking number did not work with multiple order windows. Fixed.
[!] 28 Jun 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148443, B:0048115): Zip codes were combined into one string on the 'Main page :: Destination zones :: Zone details' page when the option 'Do not delete empty strings in templates' was disabled. Fixed.
[!] 22 Jun 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148440, B:0048115): Zip/Postal codes were combined into one string on the 'Main page :: Destination zones :: Zone details' page for some Windows browsers.

*PAYMENTS*[*] 28 Dec 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148386): [PayPal] Express Checkout simplified checkout upgraded to version V4 to replace the deprecated classic In-Context Checkout method. (integration-jsv4).
[*] 28 Jun 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148442): [PayPal Payments Standard] Removed obsolete params like redirect_cmd/'cmd' => '_ext-enter'.
[!] 06 Sep 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148461, B:0046210): In some cases, the "PayPal (in test mode)" mark was displayed when using PayPal Payments Advanced or Payflow Link and the order was being placed via Express Checkout. Fixed.
[!] 05 Sep 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148488 ): [PSiGate - Web Based] did not work when the 'Interac Online' feature was disabled for the merchant's account. Fixed. Thanks to Isden.
[!] 16 Aug 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148469, B:0048336): PayPal Payments Standard did not work when an unsupported module PayPal Credit was enabled. Fixed. Added a note for admin.

*SHIPPING*[*] 09 Sep 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148495): [USPS] changes. Renamed 'First-Class Mail Parcel' to 'First-Class Mail Package Service-Retail'.
[*] 25 Aug 2017, aim - Improvement: (Y:148480, B:0048396): Increased Australia Post cart recalculation performance up to 2-3 times when additional service options as an extra cover are not used. + A fix related to the wrong extra cover amount.
[!] 25 Jul 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148452): Changed the Payment URL for 'Skrill E-Wallet' and 'Skrill Hosted Payment Solution' as the old URL was expected to be disabled on September 1, 2017. Bulgarian / Czech / Greek / Japanese / Chinese languages were adjusted. [moneybookers]
[!] 19 Jun 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148431): [Fedex] Shipping costs were not calculated for long products when 'My packaging' was used. Fixed. Thanks to Mixon.

[!] 20 Dec 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148560, B:0048849): [Discount_Coupons][OPC] coupon + predefined shipping method rates update did not work correctly in some cases. Fixed.
[!] 31 Jul 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148464, B:0048295): Items number was not shown on the One Page Checkout page. Fixed.

[*] 08 Jan 2018, aim - Improvement (Y:148565, B:0048976): Sorting by customer/status improved. Sorting by date added as a second criterion.
[*] 09 Nov 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148535): ORDERS tab title is now displayed properly on the order invoice page.
[!] 05 Oct 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148492, B:0048447): Some email notifications (especially the ones sent to the orders department) were blocked by providers due to DMARC policy. Fixed.

[*] 11 Jan 2018, aim - Improvement (Y:148569): [Recommended Products] Small optimization for random products mode.
[*] 18 Dec 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148556): [AvaTax] Removed Development mode from the module settings.
[*] 24 Nov 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148547, B:0048753): [TaxCloud] - USPS ID is now optional. Address verification will work without it. Thanks to Seyfin.
[*] 22 Nov 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148545, B:0048768 ): [Adv_Mailchimp_Subscription] Log files like var/log/x-errors_mailchimp_adv_err-171122.php are now created on errors. Thanks to Joe Funderburg (Cherie).
[*] 20 Nov 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148543, B:0048760): [Socialize][SEO] Added open Graph meta tags on the Welcome page; added og:type and og:site_name tags for all pages.
[*] 17 Nov 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148542): [Amazon_Feeds] It is now possible to use Europe/Japan/Australia/Brazil/India/China regions.
[*] 16 Nov 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148541, B:0048758 ): [Product_Options] A warning is now shown on the Product modify page related to product variants if the max_input_vars php ini setting is exceeded.
[*] 17 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148520, M:0134514): [Survey] Non-unique access keys were sometimes used when multiple Invitations were sent. Fixed. Thanks to Isden.
[*] 06 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148511): [Special offers] The 'Add products for free' button is now used instead of the 'Add products for special price' one, if possible.
[*] 04 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148493, B:0048397): [Order Tracking] workflow improved. Redundant notifications removed. Thanks to Joe Funderburg (Cherie).
[*] 13 Sep 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148491): [Amazon Pay] Added a new setting "Hide the note 'If you already have an account please sign in'". Added a new setting 'Display the "Amazon Pay" button at the top of catalog pages'. PaymentMethodNotAllowed error is now handled correctly. Sometimes it was possible to place an order with an missing email. Fixed.
[*] 11 Sep 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148497): [X-PDF Invoices] Added a note related to System requirements of X-PDF Invoices on the Modules page.
[*] 06 Sep 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148489): [Social Login] Added a note "Please ensure that the email field is enabled on the 'Configure Providers' dialog" on the configuration page.
[*] 04 Sep 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148358 ): [Amazon Pay] Authorizations that are declined a now handled with reason code InvalidPaymentMethod. Synchronous Authorization. [Pay with Amazon]
[*] 04 Sep 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148487): [Amazon Pay] amazon-pay-sdk-php updated from version 2.0.4 to version 3.1.0.
[*] 31 Aug 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148483, B:0048114): [Special_Offers] Added a new option, 'Only on related conditional pages', for the 'Display short promo block:' selector.
[*] 29 Aug 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148482, B:0048114): [Special_Offers] The 'Short promo' is no longer shown on the product page for products that have the 'Apply special offers discounts:' option disabled - provided that the offer has only one 'Give a discount' bonus.
[*] 29 Aug 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148481, B:0047625): [Adv_Mailchimp_Subscription] merge-fields like 'Last Name'/'First Name'/'WebSite'/'Phone' are created automatically for a list now.
[*] 23 Aug 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148478 ): [Amazon Feeds] Home/Toys/Books categories changed. Fabric/VacuumCleaner/Mattress/Bed/Headboard/Dresser/Cabinet/Chair/Table/Bench/Sofa/Desk/FloorCover/Bakeware/Cookware/Cutlery/Dinnerware/Serveware/KitchenTools/SmallHomeAppliances and Puzzles/Games/Models added. Multiple changes in the Books category.
[*] 26 Jul 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148457): Cache_Lite upgraded to version 1.8.0.
[*] 25 Jul 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148449): [X-PDF] mpdf updated to 6.1.4.
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