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Default Feefo iframe review integration


I'm trying to use Feefo reviews iFrame integration to send order data from the order confirmation page. I have two main problems/questions that are beyond me. Here's the iframe code:

<iframe id="FSI_IFrame" style="display: none; " width="0" height="0" src="" data-feefo-email="{$}" data-feefo-orderref="#{$order.orderid}" data-feefo-name="{$order.firstname}{$order.lastname}" data-feefo-customerref="#{$order.orderid}” data-feefo-feedbackdate="?????" data-feefo-products='[{"description":"{$product.product}","productsearchcode":"{$product.productcode}","amount":"{$product.display_price}","productlink":"url","currency":"GBP","tags":{"saleschannel":"Web","productline":"games"}},]> </iframe>

and here's the issues:

  • 'data-feefo-feedbackdate' needs to be a certain amount of days in the future from the date of order to allow for the product to be delivered (i.e. 7 days) so I can't just use {$|date_format:$config.Appearance.dateti me_format}. What can I do to calculate a date in the future?
  • 'data-feefo-products' how would include more than one product? I know that they need to be comma separated but don't know how this is expressed.
I may have issues with the other values as well so feel free to let me know if you notice something stupid

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