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Default Re: UPS Module Issue

Yes, I was using the exact same information (address, weight, etc.) and getting completely different pricing in the front-end. However, I worked with the help desk on this issue - and it was determined it is showing business address pricing in back-end admin testing and residential pricing in the front-end cart.

For others having this issue, here was the help desk response:

It appears the issue is related to the following fact: when you test the actual shopping cart, X-Cart adds <ResidentialAddressIndicator/> to the request being sent to UPS. That is why the rates in the shopping cart are higher comparing to the rates in the admin back-end. However, the rates in the shopping cart appear to be correct.

Anyway, I have reported this issue to our X-cart developers, to fix the test rates calculation in one of the new X-Cart versions (I would suggest a possible solution - add <ResidentialAddressIndicator/> to the test request).

Originally Posted by qualiteam
Do you get different pricing when trying the same delivery address in the back-end and in the storefront? What address do you use?
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