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Default Re: maeketing manager

Its the same domain.
It could be something goofy with the encrypted license though. As it never worked correctly from the beginning. They sent me a couple of files to make it work before. Thats one of the reasons I kept all the old files because some had changed and they never gave me an updated install package.

else, something has changed in x-cart 4.1.3 to 4.1.9

cant really diagnose it very well since the files are encrypted.

I grow extremely tired of jacking with it and Im not spending another 200.00 on a incremental upgrade so I think I will just make my own. I may post another thread for those interested in helping develop it and make it open source. It really wouldnt be that hard as most of its just pulling info from whats already in the database and dsisplaying it. Ill most likely start with the newsletter sender as thats what I use the most and then slowly expand from there. It would actually be pretty cool if others help out and add to it.
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