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Default Re: Default Product Values

Originally Posted by superdave144
When you are adding a new product to the product catalog. The product has default values like quantity 1000

To change the default would require a custom module in XC5. When creating the new product you have a lot of the standard options on the "Add product" page in admin, including the "Quantity in stock" field. I guess you want to streamline the adding products and deal with as few of these fields as possible.

Another option after adding all of the products for a category is to look at the products as a list by clicking into the category. There you can change the "In stock" value for multiple products with one Save action.

Additionally, if importing products you can set this value to whatever you want in your import file. Even if adding the products by hand and wanting a quick way to bulk edit, you could export, edit the .csv, and re-import with the new values.

Hope some of this helps.
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