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Default Re: getting pics out of db

Originally Posted by Joshshift
this may seem like a dumb question, but i was wondering if i could get a walkthrough on this. i have read all the posts concerning this and couldnt get a real straight answer. i have all my images in my database and want to put them in a "file system" how can i do this, i saw no option in phpmyadmin to do so. am i missing it? i have phpmyadmin version 2.4.0 and mysql version 4.0.20. im really lost on this, any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



here, is how to do it.

do not use phpMyadmin.

1.- Login into your store admin section.
2.- Make sure you create the folders on your server for the Thumbnails and the Detail Images and giving the proper permission if you have a UNIX server.
3.- Select "Images location"
Product thumbnails
4.- Store images in "File system"
5.- Type the path of your thumbnails (i.e. ../xcart/files/thumbnails)
Detailed product Images
6.- Store images in "File System"
7.- Type the path of your detail images (i.e. ../xcart/files/details)
8.- Select "Submit" buttom
9.- now create a file name ".htaccess" in the folder that has your Thumbnails and details Images as well.
10.- the htaccess file should have the following line of code
Allow from all
11.- Make sure the file you created does not have any extention if it does rename it.
12.- upload the .htaccess file to both of your folders where your images are.

and that will do it. If you have any question please drop me a line

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