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Default Re: X-Cart 5.4.0 Technology Preview Release


Thank you for the feedback and for taking the time to check 5.4.0 Technology Preview.
Below are the answers to all 15 questions.

1. Changing admin.php and cart.php names has been in the config for some time now. But it is a manual change. ...
It doesn’t look like a common case to rename these two.
If it’s a rare task, here is a workaround in our KnowlegeBase:
If it’s a regular task, you could write a bash script for that.

2. I have mentioned this few times already but here it is again. SEO aliases in config - keep them consistent and use dash not underscore.
We will implement it in 5.4.0 beta release.

3.1 I am not sure I like this - service.php ? What is the purpose of it? Any good reason to separate admin into multiple areas like that?
This was done on purpose, the new upgrade system works independently of your live X-Cart instance, so if something goes wrong, the store continues to work. These are now working independently:
- install / uninstall / turn on / turn off / upgrade / rollback addons
- install / rollback core updates and upgrades
- cache rebuild
- self-upgrade / rollback

So you have more control over the process.

3.2 The “return to admin” link is really small and hard to find.
Thanks, passed this feedback to our UI specialist.

4. admin.php?target=safe_mode - 404 page not found error
It’s a bug, we will fix it, thank you for pointing this out.

5. Payment methods list - all offline methods have ...
6. Payment methods add popup - all show ...
9. Translations page
A notice is an advisory message, so these do not affect your store. Thank you for pointing this out.

7. PayPal Credit payment method page - is this really necessary - “I agree with PayPal terms &conditions”?
We will remove this in next 5.4.0 beta release, thank you.

8. admin.php?target=origin_address - the state dropdown moves to its own row instead of to the left of the label
It’s a bug, we will fix it, thank you.

10. Storefront - Menu items still do not convert to clean urls wihtin the menus.
There is no plan for this for now, but we will discuss it in the team.

11. Storefront - Weight and Sku are still under description tab on product details page.
We’re are going to implement this in next beta release. Thank you for the reminder.

12. Storefront - Apply coupon field still shows at the very bottom of the page even below checkout button. Not sure what is the logic behind this. It doesn’t make any sense. This block should be well visible and definitely above the checkout button.
To be honest, it’s very subjective, we have a mechanism to change the location of this block in 5.4.0.:
1) Create a new template in the place where the coupon entry block should be displayed (or add the required code to an existing twig file)
2) In the existing template with the coupon block code, comment out the code (or simply delete the template).

13. Storefront - Checkout page, new account. No address. Address Book link opens a popup just to tell me there is no address. I have to follow another link inside the popup to add an address. It will be useful and logical in this case if the popup opens “add new address” automatically instead of requesting yet another click.
I’m not sure I understand the problem, please specify more details.
What checkout do you use (One Page or Fast Lane)? Please also provide a screenshot, it will help.

14. Admin - Purchases page, middle of page
We’re are going to fix this in 5.4.0 stable release. Thank you for noticing this.

15. Admin - Updates & Upgrades shows as text
We will fix it, thank you.

And a general complaint about all the unnecessary modules included ...
For some customers, these modules are useful, for some not. We’re focused to provide an easy start ecosystem and the customer free to decide which one to use further, there is no unique bundle.
In 5.4.0.x stable release you will be able to do a core reset, which will turn off all custom solutions and addons.

Australia Post, Canada Post and USPS active at the same time
We will definitely investigate the situation and apply the correction.

Thanks again for your feedback!
Max Slepuhov
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