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Default Re: cache rebuild hanging on step 8 - HELP!!


Managed to get the site back .... not quite sure what was going on ..

While trying one of the endless redeploys I noticed in the decorator log that it had actually gone right the way through to step 11 and then started again. On the second run through it would hang at step 8.

curiouser and curiouser ....

I was triggering the rebuild by deleting the cachegenerated files in var/run/ and then deleting the .rebuildstarted file in var. Then I was going to the admin page and hitting refresh.

So I tried disabling my modules, deleting the files as above, then went to a new browser to open the admin page. Amazingly this worked!

I then re-enabled each module individually, rebuilding in-between and it still redeployed OK.

There is some functionality missing, but that will be down to my module code, so I can actually debug that!

Now I can get back to doing the things I was going to do a couple of days ago....

Jan Beesley
(Currently Xcart 5
Previously XCart Gold from 3.5....)
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