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Default Re: cache rebuild hanging on step 8 - HELP!!

thanks for your suggestions .... it seems like that's my next step... or steps ...

A couple of other facts to throw into the mix ....

1) The last successful rebuild was on 13th March, so not long ago. I have gone through and removed or reverted everything changed since then (not much).

2) The server the site is on is running 5.3.3. The day before I tried to rebuild, I asked the server guys to install the latest version of PHP on th server, so that I could choose which version to use for each site. This site is still on the same version of PHP. I got the server guys to check that the fgci settings were still the same as before (and as x-cart recommends), which they are. But it seems a coincidence that this should happen straight afterwards. I am wondering if there is a config setting or something somewhere which needs to change? Or some sort of cache which needs to be cleared?
I will go back to the tech guys to see if there's anything in the server logs ....

All very tedious! Thanks for your help - I will let you know what I discover...

Jan Beesley
(Currently Xcart 5
Previously XCart Gold from 3.5....)
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