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Default Re: cache rebuild hanging on step 8 - HELP!!

I have ran into these memory errors before on a client site. Some I have fixed after finding an error in my code. Some I have not fixed and just found a workaround which I will describe below.

As you know, this error represents a memory leak in PHP. Looking at your error above, your memory limit is set sky high and setting it higher will probably not help. The site is getting stuck in an infinite loop.

Somewhere there is a code error, or a logic fallacy that repeats a loop until true and never resolves to true. At least that is my hypothesis.

Here is what I would try, disable your custom module by directly editing the database and setting the enabled value ( table "xc_modules" column "enabled" ) to 0. Then rebuild the cache/redeploy the store. Does it come up? If so then you know it is your module.
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