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Default Re: Products feeds addon question

First I have nothing to do with XC as a company and XC platform as software. I am in no way affiliated with XC.

Google Analytics has nothing to do with Google Merchant or Google Ads. These are separate products. You upload products to Google Merchant and use Google Ads to promote them. Then you can use Google Analytics to gather data about visitors, sales, etc and analyze it so you can understand how your site performs, etc.

You can use Google Analytics without using Google Merchant or Google Ads. Same applies to the other services. They are independent from each other although you can connect them to share data.

From your posts it seems you thought XC is the magic bullet that does everything for you by just clicking on a button. That's not the case. And it is not the case with any other shopping cart software. You need to either know how to do some things yourself or hire someone who knows to do it for you.

Every platform has a way of getting, settings, outputting, using, etc information. You cannot expect they are all related and interchangeable. If you want to use any particular platform you need to know or learn how it works. It is as simple as that.

An finally - this is forum to get help and answers and anyone can contribute to it, it is run by volunteers. You may or may not get what you are hoping for here in the forum. If you need indefinite help or have questions about your XC account/license/etc post it directly to XC staff in your XC helpdesk account.
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