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Default Re: XCart license for subdomains

> I have purchased a x-cart 4.3.2 license recently.

First of all X-Cart is not licensed per version. With an X-Cart license you can use any X-Cart version for a single store.

> But my client has got two partners and they want to integrate two
> different payment accounts of google checkout?

One X-Cart license is applicable only for one X-Cart store. One store means one and the same database (products, users, orders, etc.) and single merchant account to collect payments. If you need several stores, each with its own separate databases and merchant account, it will require the corresponding number of licenses.

So if you are going to use two separate X-Cart stores you'll need two X-Cart licenses. However, if you put both partners under one roof (i.e. in one store) you'll need just one X-Cart license.
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