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Default Re: Development sites and X-Payments?

drheath, just knowing that live payment could work on an unlicensed site was valuable information. I've been using X-Cart for a long time, so maybe I'm remembering a time when it was not permitted.

Because I got no errors when importing the payment method, I decided to look in the database and see if anything was there.

I found a new Payflow Pro payment method WAS imported. There it was in the xcart_ccprocessors table. It was just not appearing in the pull-down list of available methods.

By manually creating a corresponding payment method entry in the xcart_payment_methods table I was able to activate the payment method and successfully make a live charge and saw a return to the site afterward. I can now experiment with iframe use and see if it works with my 3rd party theme.

So the question now is why a payment method in the database is not showing up in the list of available methods. But at least now I know a workaround for my payment system if it happens when I upgrade live sites.

Thanks for your help.
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