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Default Creating a new page

I want to create a new page

I have created the main class with settings form

Created a menu link on the top menu which works realative to the settings

Created a View

Created a Controller

Essentially pretty much the same as the Contact Us module.

The menu works and shows the correct parameters for the page but the page refuses to show. Grrrr! "Page not found"

I am wondering if because my Dev Id is CorbyWebWorx I need to add the allowed targets function in the runCacheBuildHandler or do something different.

I have used

public static function getAllowedTargets()
return array_merge(parent::getAllowedTargets(), array('attach_image'));

Damned frustrating when you just want to get on with something more interesting.

Is it possible to bypass step 4 of the cache rebuild process as it takes ages on my PC?
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