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Default Re: trouble from xpay to gateway

hello. i've been going through the troublshooting guide for x-payment and discovered,
"Most likely you try to test X-Payments with X-Cart 5 storefront closed. If so, in X-Cart 5 file etc/config.php find below piece of code:
; Do not close target=callback for payments if storefront is closed
callback_opened = Off

and change "Off" to "On" there."
i checked that in dreamweaver and it was already set to "On".
but i also read more in detail the instructions that i was given with regard to sending transactions. perhaps i didn't follow the instructions any event, this is the information i missed, "When submitting transactions via your shopping cart be sure to send them to the demo API URL and use the credentials listed below."

can anyone tell me where to put this url so there is a connection? thanks.
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