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Default Re: Updated X-Cart 4.x connector for X-Payments

We had our store upgraded from 4.6.3 to 4.6.4 and I have to say the new "improvements" are causing us major headaches. This is what we discovered this morning:

A customer wanted to buy two products. One of the products they had in their cart was the last one we had in stock so while they were at the checkout, X-Payments created a "Not Finished" order. Then it created another order and all of the sudden there were two. However, after a short while the second "Not Finished" order had its status changed to "Processed/Paid".

At this point we had a "Not Finished" order and a "Processed" order for the same customer and for exactly the same amount. Nothing strange so far, right? What happened next was very concerning.

The customer emailed us because they were confused as to how she ended up with just one product in her order but ended up paying for two? As it turns out, due to the stock adjustments being done in the background, the allocation of stock with the first "Not Finished" order meant there was no stock left for the second order, which explains why only one product appeared on the processed order!

Not only was the product missing from the processed/paid order, the amount charged was never adjusted to reflect the change. In other words, the customer ended up paying for the missing product as well. And if it wasn't for her email, our staff would have packed and despatched her order with just the one single product.

Later, several more "Not Finished" orders appeared and after checking actual stock levels in our store, we quickly discovered that they were all holding stock as well! Changing the status to"Failed" fixed the problem and stock was released back.

In my opinion, this should never be allowed to happen. Why? Because we just lost a $180 order directly as a result of the way the connector/x-payments process orders/payments. We believe that the customer had more than likely abandoned the cart because one of the items they were purchasing was no longer in their cart.

I'll take everything I said back if I am doing something wrong, but I don't believe I am. Personally, I think Qualiteam may have solved one problem, to only created another... And we're losing sales because of it. Not happy.
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