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Thumbs up Updated X-Cart 4.x connector for X-Payments

Hi Everyone,

Recently we released X-Cart 4.6.4 - see

I want to comment on this improvement a bit

X-Payments connector has got lots of improvements for better usability.

This update addresses many X-Payments known issues and troubles with X-Cart 4.x like too many technical DB entries about started orders at X-Cart side, saving customer notes, cc_xpc_iframe.php called twice to display CC form, Product inventory levels are not getting decreased when a Pre-Authorized order is paid via X-Payments (lite interface) and others. I would say this is quite serious update of X-Cart 4 connector. Besides it comes with much improved and easier X-Payments connection procedure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: in order to enable all the usability improvements you need to
1) upgrade your X-Payments to 2.1.1 (users of X-Payments Hosted accounts just need to post us a request to make such upgrade for them for free)
2) re-deploy X-Payments configuration bundle (re-import of X-Payments payment methods will happen automatically) in X-Cart after upgrading X-Cart to 4.6.4 or installing new X-Payments connector module (see below about that).

Next step is to release adapted versions of 4.6.4 connector for old X-Cart 4.x versions and to implement iFrame and PCI compliant credit card saving support for all of them. ETA for this step is August-September, but first updates should come this week. I'll keep you posted.


New connector modules for various X-Cart 4.x versions can be downloaded at ve_web

Sincerely yours,
Alex Mulin
VP of Business Development for X-Cart
X-Payments product manager

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