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Default Re: LiteCommerce is "UPS ready (tm)" now

Originally Posted by tartaglia
I have been running the old UPS-add-on-2.2.tar for about 1yr now on a non-live store with apparently no issues. Seems like I need to upgrade with the release of the new module....

To upgrade to the new UPSOnlineTools_add-on-2.0.tar must I first uninstall or de-activate (these are two separate things) or both, the old module? Will I lose the shipping settings (rules) I have set up for UPS shipping options as part of this process?

You do not have to remove old UPS module. The new version will replace the old one. You'll need to re-configure UPS settings again, but your other shipping settings will stay untouched.

I see the new UPSOnlineTools module manual online at but I cannot find the pdf download in my File Area on the Qualiteam support site (I already downloaded the *.tar file from the File Area). Is there a reason for this?

The PDF manual can be downloaded anytime from web-site at
It will be published in "File Area" sections of LiteCommerce clients as well.
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