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Default Re: How to link out-of-stock or low-stock items to admin end?


I'm told that the code that needs to be changed is in
/admin.php?target=theme_tweaker_template&template=m ail%2Fcommon%2Flow_limit_warning%2Fbody.twig&inter face=mail&innerInterface=admin (i.e. mail/common/low_limit_warning/body.twig).

Below is the current XC5.4 code that takes me to the customer front-end:

{{ widget('\\XLite\\View\\Product\\MailBox', product=this.product,
productUrlProcessor=this.product_url_processor, amount=this.amount) }}

Does anyone know how to change this code to take me to the Admin Back-End? (I'm totally ignorant of code-writing, sorry.)

Thank you in advance.
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