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The following was taken from the FAQ page of the members section -

Hope this helps.

Q: I want to add aditional text page to X-cart where I can place some additional info about my site, how it can be done?

A: 1. First you have to edit template customer/home.tpl

Create new menu item that will point to your page, you can put it for example after help menu section (the code between HTML comments):

{ include file="help.tpl" } <table border=0 cellPadding=5 cellSpacing=0 width=100%> <tr><td colspan=2 class="TableLeftElements"> About us </td></tr> </table> </td> <td width=20> </td> <td valign=top>

Then add selector which will diplay your About Us template in the center of the cart:

{if $smarty.get.mode eq "subscribed"} {include file="main/subscribe_confirmation.tpl"} {elseif $smarty.get.mode eq "about_us"} {include file="main/about_us.tpl"} {elseif $smarty.get.mode eq "unsubscribed"} {include file="main/unsubscribe_confirmation.tpl"}

2. Then create About Us template that will be displayed in the center, create file skin1/main/about_us.tpl and put the following lines there:

{ include file="location.tpl" last_location="About Us"} {capture name=dialog} Put your about us text here... {/capture} { include file="dialog.tpl" title="Information about our company" content=$smarty.capture.dialog extra="width=100%"}
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