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Here you go,

create your new help file and save it in skin1/help, lets call it mynewfile.tpl and add the content as follows....

{* $Id: mynewfile.tpl,v 1.10 2002/10/22 12:25:54 alfiya Exp $ *} {capture name=dialog} ADD YOUR NEW CONTENT HERE {/capture} {include file="dialog.tpl" title="My New File Title Here" content=$smarty.capture.dialog extra="width=100%"}

dont forget to change the title etc

Next, open up skin1/help/index.tpl and replace

[code]{elseif $section eq "publicity"} {include file="help/publicity.tpl"}[/code]

with this ...

{elseif $section eq "publicity"} {include file="help/publicity.tpl"} {elseif $section eq "mynewfile"} {include file="help/mynewfile.tpl"}

in other words, add a new elseif section to show your new file if requested.

Next, open up skin1/help.tpl and add the link to your new page along with the other links

And that should be about it. Just change every instance of mynewfile for whatever you want it to be and change the titles and link text and you should be ok.

Ive not tested this just written off the top of my head so let me know how you get on...
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