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Default Re: X-Cart become subscription based, so what should I do?

I was hit with this about 2 weeks ago. I did not want to be the guy letting the genie out of the bottle so I was waiting for and giving a chance to XC (actually SL) to come out here and announce this as this is the normal way of communicating such drastic change. Let the community know either by posting on the forum, somewhere on or sending out an announcement email/notice. And this - at least a month in advance.
However since this was probably decided a month ago and they have not come out to announce it yet I don't think they will.
This move will definitely cut ties with XC4 users wanting to move to XC5. I have few stores in questions and they will most likely move away from XC because of this. Not good at all.
But then SL is probably not counting on existing XC4 user at all. Which means they are not that many anyway so it's justifiable to ditch them.

Unfortunately I don't think XC will come out and publicly announce this. It is done deal. They may still change some terms but the very fact that this is known as

Yes, it is right, now we provide our customers with new solutions for X-Cart 5 - Enterprise. You will benefit from:
- Robust X-Cart core that can be customized to any extent;
- 60+ modules for scaling your business;
- 24/7 Standard Technical Support;
- Full access to the software code - you'll be able to perform any changes;
- Lifelong access to new versions of X-Cart. We keep releasing newer versions of X-Cart almost in every quarter. You'll have full access to these upgrades and will be able to take advantage of them;
- Scalability - you'll be able to add extra modules (both custom and default) if it's needed;
-Unlimited CloudSearch and X-Payments services;
- The possibility to host your store wherever you wish.

This solution is available for $199/mo or $1,910/year on the condition of 12-mo commitment. Extra X-Cart software and services, including any level of custom development service, can be obtained at any stage of this project for an additional cost.

while at the same time the requires anyone to contact them for new license makes me believe the conditions may vary from customer to customer. And also - cutting the man in between - the 3rd party dev.

As Paul I had some conversations with them but again I think it has been decided.
I agree with Paul - the strength of XC was being self-hosted, flat fee platform. In this subscription world we are in right now this move by SL makes XC look like any other shopping cart solution out there and most of them will out perform XC under the same conditions.

Since there is no info on the pricing model at all at this point it is a wild guess if the cart will work if one does not pay the monthly fee of $199. My guess is - it will not. Which completely changes everything XC stands for.

On the other hand XC has always been seen as "cheap" solution and SL needs to get some ROI on their investment.
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