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Unhappy X-Cart become subscription based, so what should I do?

Today I learned with surprise that:

- X-Cart is now "subscription based"
- no more one-time fee licenses
- only Enterprise license available
- most addons freely available in the license

(I'm still waiting for pricing details).

If this is correct, this sounds like a big (and scary) news for me.

Like almost all of other users here, I create online stores for my clients, using X-Cart as e-commerce platform. I tried almost every e-commerce platform available and I always found X-Cart as the best in terms of price/features.

I have tried many types of e-commerce platforms and X-Cart has always been my favorite.

But this dramatic change could be the end for my services with X-Cart, I may have to change the platform I use for my work and this scares me a lot (because I know the alternatives).

The licensing costs were affordable and the performance was great. One-off costs and direct assistance services from Qualiteam for a fee, as needed. I couldn't ask for anything better. Something that is rarely found around.

Now I need to understand how to go forward and whether I will have to change dramatically my work and re-evaluate existing and popular platforms as an X-Cart replacement for new projects, or continue with Qualiteam.

I don't know at this point

- what costs shall be considered in using X-Cart as a platform to build stores?
- what will be the future of the mods and their developers?
- what will be the future of X-Cart4 one-time fee licenses, will be kept patched?

Tell me what you think.
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