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Default Re: Gdpr - upcoming law for European merchants

Originally Posted by ITVV
So you are not using GDPR Module then....
See our previous post in answer to this but...meantime...interesting We were further investigating the GDPR module that we have in our dev store (latest release However... when utilised with Crisp White Skin (latest release and with lots of our own mods too) it doesn't seem to function correctly. The cookie pop-up basic on/off switch within the module settings has no effect at all. The cookie pop-up is permanently switched on.

Fortunately, as we have created all our own CWS mods within a custom module, we can switch that off and test again, just to see if it was the cause of this failure, but it isn't. It's exactly the same result with or without our own custom module enabled. Anyone else who is currently using this XC5 GDPR module release noticed this?
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