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Default Re: XC SEO v1.1.0 Released

haha, I've had similar situations happen to me before as well

sorry to hear about your trouble, glad you found the solution!

XC SEO's install routine used to be simple, but now has gotten overly complex due to the need for a complete installation rewrite. I also need to release a patch-file of changes as an alternative to the find/replace method. I hope to have these issues addressed in the next release.


Thanks Jon, it wasn't fun, but I'll tell you what. I can install this mod with my eyes closed now.

I also have question for anyone that has been using XC SEO. I've noticed one problem, that kind of concerns me with the auto-gen nature of the links. Say for instance, I decide to change the category or product name for one of my pages. Since that URL is being created using the above mentioned fields in the database, then my URL is going to change as well. Which in turn will lead to a broken link or duplicate content issue in the SERP's.

I know that I can just 301 the old URL to the new one, but I'm wondering for those of you that have a huge database of products, has this become a tedious job for you? I can't imagine that it would be fun having to continuously update your .htaccess file everytime you decide to change the productname. Anyone have a workaround? Besides going with CD SEO?
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