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Cool X-Payments 3.1.4 Issues

I received (as the rest of us did) the announcement today stating a new version (3.1.4) of X-Payments was released. Unfortunately, the upgrade process fails without error. Meaning, pieces of X-Payments are now missing. I've created a support ticket, and am now anxiously waiting for a hopefully prompt response, for the connection between X-Payment and every store now fails.

1) Dashboard page is completely blank
2) Configuration bundle and other connection info no longer exists

I wish X-Cart had a posted article on how to quickly and easily restore X-Payments from the backups created during the upgrade process.

Based upon the "normal response time" ridiculousness for those of us unwilling to pay for overpriced support plans, I'll be restoring the server itself.

I would suggest waiting to upgrade your X-Payments, or be prepared to roll back to a prior version.
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