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Default Help With Point of Sale

Hi y'all,

Are there any merchants out there who currently use X-Cart AND have a storefront that incorporates a Point of Sale (POS) System? If so, what do you use and how do you like it?

We are opening a brick-and-mortar store in 2 weeks, and the native X-cart POS is lacking for us in the following ways:

1. It does not integrate with credit card payments. We should be able to select "credit card" ( in our case), swipe the card, and complete the order in a single interface. We should not have to use the app to manually enter the order total and then swipe the customer's card. There is a glaring possibility of human error here.

2. We need the transactions to be applied to our customers' accounts so that they can earn points with our loyalty program. The orders are all logged under the Administrator or POS Operator's account and we are unable to assign the orders to our customer's accounts.

3. There is no option for Guest Checkout.

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