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Default X-Payments, customers with IPv6 unable to pay

Hello guys,
Some of my customers with IPv6 unable to pay by credit card via X-Payments. People with IPv4 pay normally.
In logs of X-Payments I get following errors:
ERROR [2017-06-09 22:00:01] User: unknown; IP: 2001:8003:751e:4400:483e:4b22:40ec:95ee Zone: VSNode Code: NOT_AN_IP4 (1522) Data validation error, node "ip": Not an IP v.4 address (value: '2001:8003:751e:4400:483e:4b22:40ec:95ee') Affected systems: VSNode/Base/Node.php file (99:assert); VSNode/IP4.php file (66:assert); VSNode/Base/Array.php file (91:validate); VSNode/ArrayKeyString.php file (46:validate); Transport/ValidationSchema.php file (89:validate); Controller/Payment/Main.php file (65:validate); Core/Controller.php file (156:actionStart); Controller/Payment.php file (231:process); Core/Dispatcher.php file (126:process); Application.php file (137:dispatch); public_html/xp/payment.php file (24:run)

X-Payments version is 2.2.2 with latest connector.

Any idea how to fix it?
X-Cart Gold Plus 4.6.6
A lot of custom mods
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