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Default Re: xpayments Cron help please

Originally Posted by qualiteam
If I understand you correctly you setup shell script per #20. Am I right? Please provide me with the exact error message you get on the cron job.

I receive email with this -

/bin/sh: php-cli: command not found

Hi gb2world yes you do get an allow change link in xpayments back end if you modify something i got this when doing the checkout page, but don't receive anything else so presume everything is ok...i will forward your message onto Handson asking them to contact you.....thanks for your help...

Handson emailed me this -

Hi Dean,

With the 1H systems we use here, we have multiple different PHP versions available. Checking out the threads at directly, I see PHP 5.3 should be specifically used. I have changed the cronjob to:

cd /home/mysite/public_html/xpayments;/usr/local/php53/bin/php-cli cron.php

At the moment I am not receiving any error outputs from this. I did change it to 5 minutes and it ran several times without producing errors, so I've set it back to once per day.

The status code when exiting from this command is 110 though, and we would normally see a status 0 for a successful execution of any PHP script. This 110 code is present from even the root level with PHP and php-cli, so this doesn't seem like a specific account related issue. You may want to double check your config.php settings also.

Please let us know how this goes.

I am not receiving any error emails but the error remains in xpayments back end.
I presume if there was a problem with config.ini.php then i would be having more problems than just the error in the backend..

Thanks Dean
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