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Default Re: xpayments Cron help please

Hi well problem still exists Handson having been working hard trying to sort this for me, the latest thing was -

Hi Dean,

We have modified the permissions on the shell script, as well as hard coded the location of php-cli into the script.

But still the error in back end remains

They also tried this -

I have setup a shell script with the following inside,
cd /home/gezcheck/public_html/xpayments;
php-cli cron.php

and set it to execute via crontab.
this method does work without an issue from the cli as your user, so it shouldnt have a problem executing as a cron.

after 24hours the error came back.....QT any help on this please
Handson setup this command on the cron -
sh /home/mysite/

Many thanks
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