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Default Re: This Hosting packages fit LC3 ?

its support PHP and MySQL

there's a "Want to know more about this Web Hosting Features ? Click here for more details." at the bottom of the list. Click that to see full features.

its MySQL 5.0.45 and PHP5.3.

i just not sure about "with Phar and PDO (with MySQL driver) extensions enabled." What does it mean with Phar and PDO ?

Also not sure about "libCURL module".

Lastly, the
php.ini settings:
  • ini_set is enabled
  • memory_limit is set to 128M or higher
  • magic_quotes_runtime is disabled
  • file_uploads setting is enabled (required for uploading files and images via LC administrator backoffice.
i m using Shared Hosting, i able to do the php.ini settings ?
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