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Originally Posted by svowl
Originally Posted by TL408 is another bug.....Export hangs. This is still with a default install. I have not added any additional products. It says "Exporting data...." and "Exporting categories....." then it just stopped. The page is showing "done" at the lower left hand corner. Below is the screen shot.

Did you try to reproduce this in Mozilla or Opera, or does this issue happen in IE only? Can we check the issue on your server? (If it is possible, please open a ticket in the Help Desk and post information about how we can access the admin area of your store)
I have not tried it on Mozilla or Opera yet. This happens in IE version 6.0. What would you like me to check on my server? It is running Win2003 / IIS6, PHP 4.4.2 and MySQL 4.1.18

Win2003 IIS6, PHP 5.2.3, MySQL 5.0.45 and X-Cart 4.1.9
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