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Default Re: Sales receipt header

Originally Posted by vine2home
....Can anyone point me to where, specifically, I might find where, in an app or the code, the receipt header is located?
If it's just wording / content etc that you wish to modify in those headers, you don't need an app or code as XC have made this more 'normal user' user friendly since XC 5.4.* was launched. You can edit several aspects of the e-mails being sent by your store easily within the XC5 Admin GUI, here: / Store Setup / Email Notifications / Header Greeting & Signature - for global effects and you can then edit / customise each e-mail individually, by selecting that e-mail from the Settings tab and applying further changes there, to both admin and customer e-mails, if needed. You can also preview each of the e-mails there too, so that you're happy with the output that you've generated. We changed about 90% of the wording and detail some time ago, as the default English X-Cart wording that's provided for all of these e-mails is still 'debatable' However, it's much better now, than the wording that was provided when this was 1st introduced way back in XC 5.4.*.
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