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Default Re: Sales receipt header

Originally Posted by vine2home

That message is fine. The receipt that is emailed to our company has the following header:

"Great news!
This order has been processed and paid for. Keep on selling!
Invoice Number ...."

I would like to modify this header message. I have looked at the "English Translations" table. I could not find these header messages. I do not know if the header messages are put on the receipt by an app or are hard coded into some module.

Can anyone point me to where, specifically, I might find where, in an app or the code, the receipt header is located?

Thank you for your help!

admin.php?target=notification&templatesDirectory=o rder_created&page=admin

(sorry, phpBB keeps placing a space where there isn't...)

Or, if you prefer to work directly with the database, it is in xc_notification_translations
X-cart 5.2.12, php 5.6
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