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Default Sales receipt header

I am using Core Version

When a sale is complete, the customer will receive a receipt with the following header information:

"Your order was paid successfully, (customer name)!
And we’re just as excited as you are!
Payment for your order has been received and processed. We’ll let you know when the order ships or is ready for pickup.
Invoice Number ...."

That message is fine. The receipt that is emailed to our company has the following header:

"Great news!
This order has been processed and paid for. Keep on selling!
Invoice Number ...."

I would like to modify this header message. I have looked at the "English Translations" table. I could not find these header messages. I do not know if the header messages are put on the receipt by an app or are hard coded into some module.

Can anyone point me to where, specifically, I might find where, in an app or the code, the receipt header is located?

Thank you for your help!
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