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Default Re: X-Cart 4.5.5 released

Could anyone here with a working copy of 4.5.5 please take a look at their "xcart_xauth_user_ids" table and see the structure? Mine only shows 5 columns, does yours have more?

Really not please here....

[14-Feb-2013 20:50:45] SQL error:

SQL query : SELECT xcart_xauth_user_ids.auth_id,, xcart_xauth_user_ids.identifier, xcart_xauth_user_ids.provider, xcart_xauth_user_ids.service, xcart_customers.usertype, xcart_xauth_user_ids.signature FROM xcart_customers INNER JOIN xcart_xauth_user_ids ON AND xcart_customers.usertype IN ('A','P')
Error code : 1054
Description : Unknown column 'xcart_xauth_user_ids.signature' in 'field list'
Request URI: /admin/home.php?keep_https=yes
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