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Originally Posted by GreatLakesVacuum

So if you look at the width of the nav bar and white box... it seems to be limited to some pixel size as it grows? I don't know what size it is but it seems to be wasting a ton of the screen space on both sides on virtually every monitor size we have here.

So my first thing I want to do is increase that size... of course if you can help me write the CSS code to do so, I can adjust the number later on, so lets just say I want to make that "wider".

I don't know that I need to do anything with the image, I think its ok. The other 2 I won't really know if I want to move them around until after I see how the page works with the "container" that all those are in set wider.

Ok, so it is in the body class, under the page-wrapper div.

There is a width setting in there of 1037px ... can I change that? It appears to be its max as I tried 1200 and that made everything wider. I don't know if that is all I have to do though as that didn't move the description back up where it was before I increased the image size.

EDIT: Ok making it 1400 did, so obviously this will work I just need to know if it is bad to do this? I think when the screen is smaller it sizes it down anyways

EDIT2: Ok it sizes up in huge chunks though, why is it like that?
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