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Originally Posted by totaltec
Sure, what do you want to happen exactly? The more detailed explanation the better I can help.

The way I see it, the page has four sections. Image, Product details (Product title, quantity, add to cart), Description, and Related products. Explain how you want these to layout, and what width you want affected where.


So if you look at the width of the nav bar and white box... it seems to be limited to some pixel size as it grows? I don't know what size it is but it seems to be wasting a ton of the screen space on both sides on virtually every monitor size we have here.

So my first thing I want to do is increase that size... of course if you can help me write the CSS code to do so, I can adjust the number later on, so lets just say I want to make that "wider".

I don't know that I need to do anything with the image, I think its ok. The other 2 I won't really know if I want to move them around until after I see how the page works with the "container" that all those are in set wider.
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