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Default Re: any buyer remorse?

Unfortunately he isn't kidding. I checked them out as well and for the Shopify Plus (enterprise) solution it started at $2000. BigCommerce enterprise for us started at $1000 - $1350 but their pricing is based a lot on how many transactions a month you do, in this case 50,000 transactions.

My main reason for looking to possible change from my x-cart 4 sites is because we need to update our brick and mortar POS. I was thinking of trying to streamline everything and make it so I can put my product in my POS and have it pushed up to my website too.

So you're right, $200 - $250 isn't bad but if it isn't good software or does what you need it to then free isn't worth it either.

I put in for a demo of x-cart 5 to see what all it does. i definitely like being able to edit templates and having control of the software. Is that an option in x-cart 5?
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