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Default Re: any buyer remorse?

Originally Posted by keystone
.... So pricing aside for the moment, I'm curious how x-cart 5 performs compared to sites like BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, WooComerce, etc.

Basically, do current x-cart 5 users wish they had gone with a different option?
We had no regrets at all swapping over to XC5 from XC4 back in 2015. Everyone's experience is different though and some wish they had stayed with XC4 or, they never thought of changing over anyway. Changing over seems to depend, mainly on the suitability of own business model / products etc

However, the caveat to all that ^^ is... that this only applied prior to XC selling their souls, plus all of their identity / credibility / technical ability / customer service / reliability / trustworthiness and common sense etc to the clown show that is Sellerdream Labs

People who (for some unfathomable reason ) thought that the Hosted XC5 package was good value for money, reliable and professionally competent got their windscreen cleared... when all the Sellerdream Labs / XC5 "servers" were hacked and they then suffered the punitive consequences of ransomware. There's forum threads on that, as plenty of people lost everything for days on end.... Here's a starter set of links
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