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Default Re: any buyer remorse?

We are in a similar boat, but on a much more dated version of XC4. We're actually looking at upgradring to XC 4.7.13 when it's released, instead of XC5. Personally, I think XC5 is not a complete product. The perfect example is the RMA module. It's not intergrated with the Gift Certificate module, so RMA module is pointless, unless you give refunds - which we (in our industry) don't. XC4 has this, built in. If you have products with variants, you still have a stock counter on the main product page, like you would if you didn't have variants. XC5 should be a direct copy of XC4 with improvements. You don't release a product with less functionality. The ONLY reason I've considered XC5 is being able to update, but it seems that still isn't fool proof. I assume too, that this is why so many people go with Shopify. I prefer to own, and develop my own modules. My only monthly expense is hosting. I know Shopify owners paying $2,000-3,000/mo. in service and modules. Over my dead body.
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