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Default Re: X-Cart Released in Merchant Wave

Originally Posted by memoto
X-Cart is released. The changelog can be found here
This is rapidly becoming the new "style" of XC forum response:

Nothing aka Denial

Nothing aka Ignore it, it will go away

Something aka Some random reason, plucked from the nearest excuse bag, albeit normally, they do start with "...because of lots of OTHER users' demands, we have had to....."

Something aka Practically everything you knew and had provided yourself, already, apart from, the actual answer(s) to your question(s)

This applies to any questions and/or bug ticket chases which have already been classed as "a truthful answer is needed / difficult to defend our own complete lack of action(s) / might end up with people spotting the glaringly obvious - if answered by us in detail and/or correctly...etc etc."

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